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photograph of Melanie Casillas

Hi, thanks for visiting my website! I'm Melanie, although you might know me as MelMel.CasCas on the internet. I'm a character designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. And no, I did not grow up by the beach.

Although I enjoyed drawing as a child, I once earned a stern reprimand for doodling in the margins of my math homework, after which I dropped art completely for a few years. I only picked it up again in my senior year of high school, when it was revealed to me that concept design was an actual thing that people could do. As a childhood bookworm, to me it feels like a visual "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, where you can focus on telling really fun stories with your art by letting those stories inform every design decision you make. It's a way to bring life to any project, so pursuing character design was a no-brainer for me!

I've been studying art since 2016, sharing my work on social media since 2017, and working as a freelance illustrator since 2021. Although I'd like to take more design classes in the future, at the moment I'm happy to make time between deadlines to study with my art-friends as well as build up personal projects. If you're curious about said personal projects, I share all my work on social media so hit me up there!

In my spare time I like to roller skate, play cozy video games, take boxing classes, and look at dog videos. And send those dog videos to all my friends and family. I hope you like the art you see here! There's always more to come. :)

photograph of Melanie Casillas

Need an Artist?

  • beginning stages of a dungeons and dragons barbarian character design You dream it.

    Whether you want to see your character brought to life, hang a mural where your clients will feel welcome, or capture a special moment with a loved one, I can help you make your idea a reality.

  • different color variants for the barbarian character design I design it.

    The process is unique to each project, but with frequent updates, opportunities for edits, and invited feedback, I make sure to tailor the finished piece to match and even exceed your highest expectations.

  • finished images for the barbarian character design We create it.

    I care very deeply about my clients' goals, so I will always do my best to deliver high-quality work. By the end of this process, we'll have enhanced your initial idea with my artistic skills to create something you love!

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