alice in wonderland character design
Alice In

We all know Alice as the endearing, polite little girl that passively experiences Wonderland as things keep happening to her in that strange world. Her passivity used to annoy me when I was a small child who was convinced that I would have fought back (I mean, who gets bullied by a literal bunch of pansies?), and that memory prompted me to explore her story and treat her differently. Further below I show how I split this project into two phases.

So here's my prompt: In an alternate universe, what if Alice kept her inquisitive nature but also had a bit more of a temper (or more self-respect) and didn't put up with the mean behavior from the inhabitants of Wonderland? With this, I had some room to recreate her journey through the world. After meeting all the other characters, this Alice realizes that Wonderland is a product of her mad mind - but she still rejects the idea of returning to the real world in favor of leading an exciting (if imaginary) life and conquering all of Wonderland to become its queen. What she doesn't know is that the more time spent here, the more her mind deteriorates, which affects Wonderland in turn.

Phase 1: Design!

(sketches, iterations, & exploration)
    • sketches of hands holding different objects
    • early proportion sketches
    • different angles alice's face
    • sketches of different hair designs
    • design for the vorpal sword
    • sketches of different facial expressions
    • sketches of alice's gilded flower crown
    • more sketches of different hair designs
    • early color sketch of alice
    • options for dirt grime and scars for the design

Phase 2: Presentation!

(portraits, illustrations, & polished design layouts)
    • alice queen of wonderland
    • close up of alice with frown
    • alice leaning on her hand
    • full design with armor and weapons
    • close up of alice with smile
    • designs for a key, vial of shrinking, potion of curious growth, and magic mushroom
    • designs for a lace ribbon, metal edged throwing cards and a rabbit foot
    • black and white image of alice with sword
    • sketches of alice with sword
    • finished design of sword
    • close up uf shoulder pauldron
    • sketch of alice with sword
    • close up of armor