brocc the barbarian banner
Race: Forest Gnome
Class: Barbarian
Background: Outlander
Alignment: Chaotic Good
brocc the barbarian with bear

Brocc Timbers

is a well-meaning but tumultuously angry forest gnome whose eternal quest is to rediscover the elusive ancient ruins wherein he first experienced true peace, all the while aided by a sacred bear spirit.

My client already had a very strong idea about who Brocc was when he approached me, so I was able to jump into designing him fairly easily. We established that he is a wanderer (Outlander background) and although he is usually good-natured, he tends to fall into fits of rage (Chaotic Good Alignment). His tragic quest intrigued me most, so while my client and I decided to make the main focus of the illustration his hot-tempered, barbaric nature, I made sure to include details about him that spoke of his hopeless wandering. From the scroll that I believe holds a torn map of the ancient ruins, to his bandaged wrists and ragged clothes, he is not a character that is used to staying peacefully in one place.

By the same token, he must be known as quite a secretive old gnome to the other characters by now, with his intense glare, charmed bear-skull spear, and mysteriously bubbly vial of an origin only he knows.

Below are some of the iterations I displayed to my client, condensed into a few pages. From early outfit iterations to composing the final shot, I hope you enjoy viewing them!

    • four face designs
    • five different color designs for brocc
    • eight different eye designs for brocc
    • sketches of clothing options for brocc
    • sketches of facial hair designs
    • sketches of poses for brocc
    • more sketches of poses